Protest Against Whiplash Diagnosis Charges

07 Aug, 2012


Following a previous post that doctors can now charge for whiplash diagnosis, there was a protest from members of 'Save our NHS' outside one of the walk in centres in Sheffield that had started charging this fee.

Members of Sheffield’s Save our NHS waved banners and placards at the entrance to the centre, on the corner of Broad Lane and Rockingham Street, as part of a campaign against patients being asked to pay for their care.

One Medicare, the company which runs the facility, had been charging £25 for whiplash treatment, but last week announced it was dropping the fee.

NHS Sheffield said One Medicare had ‘voluntarily suspended the policy’ pending a meeting with health bosses….More at 'Whiplash' row at Sheffield health centre – The Star

The group is heavily opposed to the governments health policies, stating that they will lead to job cuts and privatisation of the health system.

This can only be a good thing because, as I stated in my previous post, the small fee would not be in any way, shape or form enough to stop potential fake whiplash compensation claims. I can't also help but think that this fee would be a 'stepping stone' to charging patients for more NHS services.

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