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13 Jul, 2012


I stumbled across the following article today which while not directly related to whiplash compensation, is very interesting.

Medical treatment and and the ever rising costs are a big deal.  I would guess that about 30-50% of the bankruptcy cases I file have a large amount of medical debt.  And by large I mean $25,000 or more.  And sometimes it is not so much the total amount of medical debt that drives someone into bankruptcy, it is the way the medical providers send you the bill.

If you have ever had a serious medical procedure you know what I am talking about.  When you spend time in the hospital you are seen by all kinds of people.  Doctors, nurses, specialists, lab people, etc.  And each of them want to get paid.  But you don’t get just one big bill at the end of the month – you get a couple dozen (or more) little bills.  You end up with bankruptcy by a thousand bills….More at Obamacare, Medical Bills & Bankruptcy | Arizona Bankruptcy

I found it amazing that despite the United States supposedly being the compensation capital of the world, that more of these bills aren’t claimed for as apparently a good chunk of these bills would actually be eligible for compensation.

If this has made you question if you are entitled to claim for an accident, contact us now. Although we deal mainly with car accident claims, we are also able to help with any of your personal injury claim needs!

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