Liverpool – The Whiplash Hotspot Of Britain

22 Jul, 2012


In a recent report it has been revealed that the North West and specifically, Liverpool is officially the whiplash capital of Britain. It is also interesting as highlighted below that the number of car accidents in the area has actually fallen.

Figures from the annual report by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries found that UK claim rates in certain hotspots in the North West have overtaken some of the worst areas in litigation-crazy US.

It also showed that the number of car accidents giving rise to third party claims fell 11 per cent between 2010 and 2011. The Institute said that this was largely down to motorists driving less due to high petrol costs and cutting out non-essential journeys….More at Whiplash Britain: Personal injury claims rise 18% in a year – Daily Mail

Car accident claims and specifically whiplash compensation claims have been ver much ‘in the spotlight’ recently because of the increase in their occurence.

One of the popular theories for this is because of the increase in the amount of RTA claims advisors and solictors of lately. It is hard to avoid advertisements from such companies nowdays with the sheer amount of adverts on television, newspapers, magazines etc. and it has also been proven that there is a direct correlation between the number of claims companies in areas and the number of claims made. While I believe it is unfair to say that this is the only reason, this report indicates that there is a strong case behind this concept.

Although I am also of the impression that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. An increased awareness of what people are entitled to claim to compensate their losses is a good thing. What I think is a negative side to this is the increasing amounts of fake whiplash claims and even medical professionals that are willing to ‘doctor’ (sorry couldn’t resist the pun!) medical documents to aid in this for their own monetary gain.

One of the main problems with whiplash from the insurers’ perspective – and that of honest motorists – is that it does not display physical symptoms. This means it is extremely difficult to disprove someone’s claim that they are suffering severe neck and back pain.

Doctors have been criticised for diagnosing whiplash too readily. In Germany, two separate doctors must confirm the existence of whiplash for a claim to proceed…More at Wigan is whiplash claim hotspot – Wigan Today

I do agree that steps do need to be taken to make sure that only genuine whiplash cases are compensated. While it may sound a little strange for a claims management company such as ourselves to say, we pride ourselves on being a moral business with an ethical approach and always will!

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