Is Specialist Whiplash Training The Answer?

24 Jul, 2012


With the recent increases in the amount of people claiming whiplash compensation and other car accident related injuries maybe a specialist whiplash training/certification program is needed in this country?

As part of this intensive 48-hour training program, Dr. Hitchens became familiar with the epidemiology of whiplash and brain injuries, the mechanical factors of motor vehicle crashes, and the wide range of physical injuries and clinical conditions that can occur. She learned how to conduct comprehensive physical examinations and all about the latest applications of cutting edge imaging technologies such as CT, MRI, single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) and others. Dr. Hitchens learned how to provide patients with the most effective and comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation strategies to ensure optimal outcome potential. The program also included an intense discussion of forensic risk analysis which considers how the various known risk factors can increase a person’s chance for injury or long-term symptoms.

…More at Local Doctor Becomes Certified in Whiplash Injury Biomechanics – Milford LIVE

Not only could this potentially decrease the amount of claims due to doctors misdiagnosing injuries but a greater knowledge could lead to doctors being better able to spot people that are faking whiplash.

Neck and back pain is well known for being incredibly hard to diagnose due to the fact that there are no external symptoms so medical professionals being trained, in depth, about the biomechanical effects of car accident injuries could only be a good thing.

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