How Much Is A Whiplash Compensation Claim Worth?

16 Jul, 2012


One of the questions we find potential claimants ask is ‘how much is my whiplash compensation claim worth?’. There are now hard and fast rules regarding this matter but the source below does a great job of explaining why.

A personal injury lawyers who are expert lawyers whiplash treated thousands of requests for whiplash for many years. In fact, not a day goes by that someone from our team occupied a whiplash claim progress toward a solution. Through this experience, we are able to give you a rough idea of ??how your application can be useful.

What you must understand is that the value of your claim depends on the severity of whiplash injury and how long you have your whip. For example, a severe whiplash injury, worth more than a moderate whiplash lasts the same amount of time. Similarly, a whiplash injury of less than six months, probably will be worth more than a minor whiplash for a period of one month. At the beginning of your application, do not know the severity of your whiplash injury and how long it will last, we have no crystal ball, unfortunately, and that is why you can not give an accurate assessment. However, there are some guidelines that suggest how a claim may be helpful….More at Whiplash Compensation Valuations – Lawyers Advice | Personal

Duration of your suffering along with severity will be the big deciding factors when establishing what your case could be worth. It is worth noting every single cost that you have incured due to your accident such as hire car costs, transport to and from medical establishments, medical costs and loss of earnings due to not being able to work.

It is also extrememly valuable if you have a medical diagnosis regarding the severity of your injury and predicted length of recovery when liasing with us as this will allow us to provide you with a much more accurate estimate.

We can however tell you that the current average payout for a claim is £2,500 but cannot stress enough how much this figure can vary so contact us now!

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