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02 Mar, 2012


We don’t realize how important our necks are to us until it’s injured. When you get whiplash from a road accident, your movements will be limited and painful. Simple actions that you took for granted on a daily basis, such as getting out of bed or turning your head, turn into agonizing tasks.

The pain and trauma of a whiplash injury can prevent you from being able to work at your daily job. Fortunately, the law recognizes this and grants you the right to receive whiplash compensation if you were in a road accident that wasn’t your fault.

How much compensation for whiplash will you be able to get?

How Much Compensation For WhiplashThe only way to get a true answer to this question is to start the process of making your claim and find a solicitor NOW. We can help you do this for FREE — just go to our claims page and fill out a few details. Then we will contact you and take it from there!

However, here’s an overview of how much compensation for whiplash you should expect to get. We aim to inform you as much as possible so you’ll be prepared to fight for your case with the help of your solicitor.

Your compensation for whiplash depends on several factors. First of all, the road accident cannot have been your fault. If it was your fault, you won’t get any compensation for whiplash.

Whiplash can come with other injuries, which will factor into the amount of compensation for whiplash you can expect to get. If you have other health issues due to your whiplash injury, such as hearing loss, tinnitus, and hearing aid costs, the amount of compensation for whiplash may be increased. Make sure to also include costs for physiotherapy, travel for hospital care, and anything that’s associated with your injury in your claim for compensation for whiplash.

Usually, the compensation for whiplash is made up of two parts: general damages and special damages.

General damages include:

  • The severity of your whiplash injuries
  • The length of recovery time
  • Long-term effects from your injury

Special damages include:

  • Lost earnings due to being unable to work because of injuries, including overtime
  • Hospital bills and other medical expenses
  • Any other expenses that have resulted because of the accident

Who makes the final decision on how much compensation for whiplash you receive?

It depends on what your solicitor and the other party’s solicitor agree on. They will determine the amount of compensation for whiplash that you will receive. However, if they can’t come to an agreement, your case will be taken to court and the amount will be determined there.

Keep in mind that immediately after the accident, your whiplash injury might not feel so bad. It takes a few days before the full extent of the injury will be felt. Wait for a few days and see how your neck and your head feels – it might take two days or three before it becomes really painful. Sometimes insurance companies will take advantage of this window of time when you’re feeling okay and get you to sign something agreeing to a low payment. Don’t make this mistake! Get documentation from a health professional and make sure you get the compensation for whiplash that you deserve.

Our claim advisors will help you start the process for your claim. Don’t delay – get started now!

Go to the claims page and fill out a simple form. Our claim advisors will contact you and find you a solicitor who will work towards getting you compensation for whiplash. And we’ll do this for you at absolutely no cost to you!

Take advantage of this FREE service, make a claim now!

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8 thoughts on “How Much Compensation For Whiplash

  1. It’s true: I didn’t feel the full extent of my whiplash injury for several days and the pain and restricted movement lasted months. I was also shocked at how little the insurance company paid me for my injuries. I was actually insulted at how little they valued such pain.

    • Insurance companies will quite often pay you enough to, for lack of a better phrase, ‘keep you quiet’. This is why you should always consult a claims management company who can assess exactly how much compensation for whiplash you should receive.

  2. I know what you mean. My mother got whiplash and still has pain almost a month later. Looking for a good attorney for her.

  3. The information provided towards the end of the post is particularly useful. I really don’t think many people will know that about certain insurance companies, that some will try to hurry you along soon after an accident before you realise the full impact of whiplash injury you’ve actually sustained. That’s quite conniving on their part.

  4. In your experience, how long (roughly) would you say it takes from the time a claim is put in to when an amount is settled on?

    • I would say you would be looking at anywhere from 3-6 months to receive your compensation. Keep in mind that this can increase if the insurers decide to fight the claim.

  5. Today my insurance company offered me an out of court payment and I accepted, now I’ve read this I feel stupid. Is there anything I can do as it was over the phone?

    • We may still be able to help you! If you haven’t signed any formal agreements or received your compensation then there is a chance. I have sent an email so we can hopefully assist you.


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