How Much Compensation Can I Get For Whiplash

02 Apr, 2012


An accident is traumatic as is any harm to the body. One of the most painful and tough experiences to go through can be that of getting whiplash. The non-medical term is used to describe pain that is caused to the neck or the back as a result of a trauma in which the head is often thrown forward uncontrolled by the neck muscles. This can result in ligament damage or deep tissue damage as well as other problems. The pain can be severe and if it occurred at the hands or actions of someone else it can leave you asking this question, “how much compensation can I get for whiplash?”

What You Will Need

When determining the answer to how much compensation for whiplash, you will find that you need certain documentations and information in order to provide to your insurance provider as well as doctor. Make sure that you have any documentation related to the injury and how it occurred. Further, witness statements can be great in these situations if anyone saw what happened and can verify your claim.

You will also need documentation pertaining to the level of pain you are in. This is important because pain can actually determine how much money you are entitled to. Make sure that you have your doctor or healthcare provider create documentation of this information accurately and fairly so that you can create an information network that will be used to talk to your insurance company. During this process, be sure that you talk to your insurance company and find out how much information you need and what.

Tell them that you want to make a claim and find out what else you need to know. If you feel you are being taken advantage of, make sure that you talk to a legal aid or attorney to determine your policy and what you are entitled to. It can make navigating the process more easy.

How Much?

How much compensation for whiplash depends on the aforementioned information. For some, they can get a settlement in the amount of hundreds of pounds over a short period of time. For others, with more severe injuries, this amount will grow rapidly. It simply depends on what has happened and if you took the appropriate steps when filing a claim. It will not be easy and the task can be arduous, but it is no doubt important to your successful compensation for an incident.

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