Court Overturns Bogus Whiplash Claim

05 Aug, 2012


The director of a West Yorkshire physiotherapy clinic was involved in a car accident in 2009 which involved him accidently reversing into a parked car. Due to this mans expertise in physiotherapy and having dealt with injuries that justify whiplash compensation before he went against his insurers advice to pay damages to the claimant.

He was shocked 7 months later to receive a claim for repairs worth £800, and a whiplash compensation claim for £2,000 when it appeared to be no more than a minor impact on the cab’s bumper. The claimant’s medical report claimed that he had suffered whiplash injuries, including severe neck, shoulder and back pain.

He has won what he believes is a landmark case that will lead to more whiplash compensation claims being challenged in courts…..More at Landmark Victory Against Fraudulent Whiplash Compensation Claims

This marks a milestone in the fight against fraudlent whiplash claims as it seems the courts are more often than not in the favour of the ‘injured’ person. Bad luck to the taxi driver that tried his luck after a 5mph bump, maybe trying to claim severe shoulder, back and neck pain after such an accident isn’t a great idea when the other person involved is a physiotherapist!

I feel this is important for curbing the ‘compensation culture’ that the UK is developing and helps to make sure that only the people that truly need compensation for their losses are granted their claims.

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Court Overturns Bogus Whiplash Claim

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