Compensation after a Car Accident

29 Jul, 2012


When you are in an accident it is important to know what compensation you will receive after a car accident. It is important to know what it included in your car insurance and what is excluded, so you do not file a claim for something that is not covered. Be sure to read and understand your car insurance coverage so you can get the proper car accident compensation advice that you have been paying for in case of such accidents.

Car Insurance Exclusions

Your compensation after a car accident will have very clear exclusions and if your car was damaged under any of those exclusions you will not be awarded car accident compensation. If you allow a person without a driver’s license to drive your car and that person is in an accident, you will most likely not receive any compensation. The same goes for drivers who are not listed on your car insurance policy as permitted drivers. Many insurance companies will not pay for damage from civil commotion.

However, if your car is being repaired and it is further damaged while in custody of the repair shop, your company will keep coverage. It will also be covered if your car was damaged while it was stolen. You can also maintain covered if the person driving the car does not let your know that he or she does not have a driver’s license.

Benefits from Insurance

Depending on what extra coverage you have, you may be entitled to compensation after a car accident for things like transportation of the drivers and passengers and even transportation of a damaged car. If you and your car needs transportation after an accident, you will need to contact your insurance company with the information they will need. If your car windscreen or windows are damaged, you may receive compensation for those items separately. If your car is used for business purposes, you may receive compensation for the tools you use to run your business.

Temporary Car Insurance

If you do not own a car, but you need to hire one, insurance companies offer temporary car insurance coverage to protect yourself against any accidents or theft. This insurance also provides compensation if anyone is injured or the car is damaged.

When you know what you have covered for compensation after car accident, you will have an easier time knowing what claims to file.

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