Car Accident Injury Claims: Under the Influence of Alcohol and Drugs

24 Mar, 2012


The law clearly states that you are entitled to receive compensation through making a car accident injury claim when you are the victim of another driver’s negligence. This is especially true when the other driver was under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Here’s what you should know about making car accident compensation claims against drivers who used alcohol or drugs.

It is illegal for a driver to have more than 80 milligrammes of alcohol in 100 milliliters of blood. What does this mean in terms of the amount of alcohol a driver can have? It really depends on the driver’s weight, height, and alcohol tolerance. It could take only one glass of wine or a pint of beer to reach beyond the legal limit.

Car Accident Injury Claim Due To Drink Driving

Car Accident Injury ClaimWhy is it illegal to consume more than the legal limit of alcohol when driving? Alcohol can seriously impair a person’s functioning and that leads to a higher likelihood of car accidents. For one, a driver under the influence of alcohol might have poor judgement and make mistakes while driving. The danger of being under the influence while driving is that the driver might feel overconfident and drive too fast, turn at high speeds, fail to keep their eyes on the road, or attempt to overtake another car in unsafe conditions. Your car accident injury claim should include the mistakes that the driver made while under the influence.

Car accident injury claims can also be made against a drunk driver who has hit a pedestrian, a person on a motorbike, or a person on a bicycle. If you were a victim of a drunk driver, a car accident injury claim can help you pay for hospital bills, repair costs, and other expenses. Your car accident injury claim can also include compensation for pain and suffering on your part.

Drug Related Car Accident Injury Claim

Drugs are another major cause of car accidents and car accident injury claims. The most commonly used drug in the country today is cannabis, which has a sedative effect on drivers. When a driver is too relaxed, coordination and responsiveness can be seriously affected as a result. They also struggle to drive at a constant speed and make turns around bends in the road. All these can lead to a car accident injury claim. Other common drugs used include ecstasy and acid. These drugs have serious effects on drivers and lead to many car accidents every year.

If you suspect that you have been the victim of a driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs, a car accident injury claim can help you receive the money you need to pay for damages and injuries that you have suffered from as a result of the accident. We’ll be happy to help you by finding a solicitor who will assist you with your car accident injury claim. Our claims advisors are knowledgeable about car accident injury claims and will find a qualified solicitor for you. We’ll do this service at no cost to you.

All you need to do is to go to the claims page and fill out a form with the details of the accident and your information. We’ll contact you and find you the best solicitor. It’s important to work with the right solicitor who specializes in car accidents as opposed to an inexperienced junior solicitor, which might be assigned to you if you try to find one on your own or allow your insurance company to find you one. Use our free service and rest easy knowing that you have a highly qualified solicitor on your side.

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5 thoughts on “Car Accident Injury Claims: Under the Influence of Alcohol and Drugs

  1. Do you think I can get more monetary compensation by filing a claim myself or using a solicitor who could take up to 33 percent?

  2. After looking around and talking to other people who have suffered, I think it’s best to get help with my mother’s claim.

    • Hi Laura,

      Although I am obviously going to offer a biased opinion I would definitly say you have made the right choice in finding a company like ours to help with your claim.

      Although it is true that a solictor will take a ‘cut’ of your compensation, they will also be able to help your case to the point where you receive far more compensation overall. This means that while the solictor is taking an amount of your compensation, you will still receive more.

  3. If someone had the misfortune of being involved in an accident where the driver was under the influence, how would he/she be able to prove it? Would the ambulance/police automatically check for that at the scene of the accident?

    • If there is an injury the police will check if the drivers involved are over the legal limit as a matter of procedure. You usually find that police will carry out these tests even if there isn’t an apparent injury to anybody involved.


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