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15 Jul, 2012


Many people who are in car accidents do not know what they are supposed to do to file a claim. When drivers are distracted using their mobiles or if drivers are going too fast for conditions, you may be the unfortunate victim of an accident. When you are the victim of a car accident, you deserve some compensation. Receiving car accident compensation advice is free and can help you get the payout that you deserve

Important Steps

If you are in an accident that does not involve serious injury, the first thing you should do is remain calm and then call the police for assistance. Then assess the situation to be sure everyone is safe. Get the other driver’s name, contact information, and insurance information. Even though you won’t be thinking about compensation at the time, try not to talk to the other driver about the facts of the accident.

Accident Details

Also collect information about the car and the actual accident. Write everything down that you can about the car, including the colour, the direction of travel, the make and model, and where the damage is on the other car. Use your mobile phone to take pictures. If you have witnesses, it is important to get their contact information, too.

Find an Attorney

If you think that you may be eligible for compensation, then you probably are. If you think you are ready to file a claim, find an attorney to give you car accident compensation advice before you proceed with filing any claims. Many attorneys will give advice it for free. When you meet with the attorney, he or she will interview you and ask you to see a medical doctor so there is proof of any injury. Your attorney will need evidence to support your claim and it is important to do as your attorney requests.

Free Consultations

Many attorneys offer free consultations to help you determine if you are eligible. When you meet with an attorney make sure you ask about fees. If you are awarded a car accident compensation payout, ask how much of your award you will have to pay to your attorney.

If you have been in a car accident and need car accident compensation advice, find an attorney to help. The attorney will use a car accident calculator to determine if you have a claim worth pursuing to help you pay any medical bills or car-repair bills.

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