£250 – The Going Rate To Fake Whiplash

12 Jul, 2012


With stories of exaggerated and completely false whiplash compensation claims being abundant at the moment, it looks like a particularly entrepreneurial Doctor from Doncaster is cashing in.

The General Medical Council is understood to be investigating Dr Muhammad Raheel Shaikh, who works at Doncaster Royal Infirmary, over accusations he helped write a false claim.

It is alleged Dr Shaikh, of Dewsbury, charged £250 for an 18-minute consultation in which he agreed to assist a claimant despite the fact that they were suffering no injury whatsoever.

The appointment apparently took place at a clinic in Wakefield earlier this month and was staged in an attempt to show that unscrupulous doctors were prepared to sign off false reports….More at MP warns doctors on roles in insurance scams – Yorkshire Post

Unfortunately we are well aware that there are a lot more Doctors of a similar mindset out there and they are the kind of people that are jeopardizing our right to claim compensation for injuries.

One of the first tasks we take on when working with a client is to assess their situation in order to ensure that there is a genuine case for a compensation claim. While it would be very difficult for us to spot a fake doctors report (at the end of the day they are the experts!), if we believe there is anything potentially suspicious in regards to a case we will not proceed.

We believe in a legal, ethical and professional approach to personal claim injuries and always work to the highest standards possible.

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